Email of the Day: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere, Good Man

Within 10 minutes of posting my OkCupid Profile, in bits and pieces, I received four emails already. But the best response of all was from Mr. Freewill 6:

You are FAR too : bright, culturally-sophisticated, attractive, elegant, ferociously literate, wonderfully entertaining, terrifically sexy, interesting, thoroughly vivacious, endearingly nurturing, and completely beguiling, to be on this, or ANY dating site !!!!!!!

Impressed, Appreciative, Ira

He knows absolutely nothing about me, but the email was enough to put me in a good mood. The boiling tea kettle just let out some of its steam.

And Mr.  Brit and I have our date set for Thursday night. I am excited how he’s totally taking the initiative, not only being the one to initiate making the date, but also picking where we should go. The place happens to be one of my favorite pubs in the area, where I used to do open mics and see lots of live music. I’m impressed already.

Now I have the momentum to get some work done today!


8 thoughts on “Email of the Day: Flattery Will Get You Everywhere, Good Man

  1. That is much, muuuccch better.

    Every girl needs to hear those things, even if they’re coming from someone we haven’t met yet.

    I mean, you know you’re great, but it’s good to know that others are picking up on it too 😉

    Have fun!

    • I think he was effusive just to grab my attention, but you’re right–it is nice to hear these things.

      I’ll give everyone an update on tonight’s date with the Brit Professor and other shenanigans soon!

    • Oh, he’s a little off his rocker, it turns out. Philosophical just to be esoteric and he stole his profile words from Wilde without attribution.

      But I am very much looking forward to the date with my Brit Professor tonight, thanks!

    • I actually considered that too but his reply was that he was over-the-top for humor’s sake and to get my attention. A different guy, who is very much my type, said it in a nicer way, basically wondering how a great gal like me could be singe and on this site. I asked the same of him.

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