Email of the Day: I Met a Lovely Poet

I’m feeling a little nauseous. I just spent the last two hours replying to the back-load of OkCupid emails that I have received over the last several days. There have been some oddballs in there. One guy I just flat out said I didn’t think we had very much in common, but I thought he was sweet, thanked him for contacting me, and wished him luck in his search. Others were just okay, so I just politely replied briefly, not expecting to be blown over by their response…particularly when their efforts to reach me simply were “Hi” or “I love your hair.” Seriously.

But fortunately, there were a few guys who intrigued me enough to put effort in my email response to them. Their profiles usually were a blend of intelligence and humor, often self-deprecating. And one email stood out above the rest, making my heart smile a little.


OKC, told me that you wouldn’t read this message. It said “Hey buddy you only match SingleInMy30’s at 69% and she requires at least an 80% match as computed by our OKC match-o-bot to fain interest in in you.” So I said “Bot, be dammed! This woman’s profile has piqued my interest and I will at least attempt one communique before I yield to the likes of an algorithm who’s actual standard deviation is probably suspect at best.” To which the bot replied, “Well then Mister Sassy Pants, go right ahead and send her a message…”

Hello SingleInMy30’s my name is Aquil. Your picture caught my eye and your profile caught my interest so despite the disclaimer that you would be filtering my message, I thought that I would write you anyway. So why did I decide to write you, I’ll steal some words from Maya Angelou:

The Impeccable Conception

I met a Lady Poet
who took for inspiration
colored birds, and whispered words,
a lover’s hesitation.

A falling leaf could stir her.
A wilting, dying rose
would make her write, both day and night,
the most rewarding prose.

She’d find a hidden meaning
in every pair of pants,
then hurry home to be alone
and write about romance.

Maya Angelou

Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to write me despite our reckoned match, and then perhaps my own sweet prose will sneakily be attached!

Ciao Bella,

Dear Aquil, that Maya Angelou poem seemed written especially for me. Way to impress. You better believe he got a lovely reply.

Tonight, Mr. Brit will be taking to his favorite Indian restaurant. I will ignore Mr. Etiquette’s unwarranted jealousy and pleas for me to “not move too fast with anyone”. Until tonight, I must write. You know, like my real job, grown-up writing! Wish me luck staying focused.


10 thoughts on “Email of the Day: I Met a Lovely Poet

  1. Dude.

    I know you and Mr. E sorted your stuff out and all, but think he’s got a lot of nerve asking you not to move too fast with anyone else.

    Do what you want and have fun. You deserve it

    • Mr. E has a lot of nerve asking and sharing a lot of things still. I’m doing my own thing. I told him he made his choice, so he’s got to deal with ALL the consequences.

      Thanks for your support! 🙂 I *am* having my fun.

  2. I can assure you, that poem has been used by “aquil” in dozens of emails. In fact, if that was the actual email, it is almost entirely generic. I would slow down in the swoon just a smidge

    • Way to kill my buzz. I’m not saying I want to marry and have babies with this guy…or that I even want to date him. I’m sure he doesn’t send this poem to non-writers because it would make absolutely no sense. But sure, I’m sure he’s shared it with other women who’ve mentioned they are writers. Still it’s much better than “You have nice hair” or “hey sexy, hit me up sometime.” And I’m not even going to get into the grammar nightmares.

      I’m happy to be on 3rd date with Mr. Brit. Don’t worry, I’m not a total sucker for one email.

  3. I think that that is amazing that you liked that poem and were wooed by it.

    I think it’s similar to the same way that someone saying “I think even chuck norris would surrender to your boobs” worked on me.

    Everybody likes something different and if we didn’t we’d all be fighting over the same one or two people and then the population would become extint and the world would die. You don’t want the world to die do you? (do you Cluexfour lol:P) So do your part and go out with him. And I’ll date all the hypermasculine guys and together we’ll save the world. Just sayin’

    • I thought it was refreshing that this guy actually read my profile and saw that Maya Angelou’s “Why A Caged Bird Sings” was one of my favorite reads, and thus he, having had a book of poetry of hers, opened up to a poem, and the one he quoted was that one. He didn’t claim he wrote it, unlike another OkC guy did on his profile.

      Am I the only one who appreciates poetry that talks about a writer when I, in fact, *am* a fiction writer? Apparently so. *sigh*.

      I’ve dated plenty of hyper-masculine guys myself, thanks. I prefer ones who also happen to have a soul. 😉

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