The Warrior In Love

There is a man who read my dirty, little secrets

And instead of fleeing fast for the hills

Ran straight to my trembling arms.

There is a man who stripped away the walls

Of fear, doubt, and pain

And recognized the beauty of the glowing core within.

* * *

Have I ever been so laid bare like this

Like a lamb to the slaughter?

Spared in undying mercy and love

Yet I want to cover myself in shame

It’d be so easy to bury myself in self-pride and tears

But–you offer me this:

* * *

An all-encompassing blanket

Of acceptance and understanding

Emboldened by the trust

I never thought I would earn

My imagination never accounted for

Unconditional love like this

* * *

You see the flaws, admire the scars

And kiss the bruises, lips suture the wounds

You trace fingers through the ripples of my tears

And brush off my knees when I crumble to the floor

You are always there, feel you everywhere

Even when I could no longer see that I–we–are worth fighting for.


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