About My Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day, a few words about my beautiful and amazing mother:

1. My mother has an ageless beauty. She wears little to no makeup. She looks like a queen whether she’s dressed up in a formal gown or wearing one of her calf-length nightgowns. Her hair started to go silver when she was in her early 30s, which made her self-conscious, but to this day, complete strangers compliment her on how gorgeous her silver mane of hair is.

2. My mother is the epitome of forgiveness. I used to think the depth of forgiveness she made was somehow a sign of weakness, that she was, in part, a pushover, but I was very wrong. I question whether I would have such strength and courage to forgive the things that she has had to in the past, but she has done so with such fierce dignity and grace.

3. Even at the age of 33, there is nothing that soothes me more than my mother’s smooth, cool touch on my face full of tears or my body wracked with pain, whether physical or emotional. She is the first to come to my defense when someone has done me wrong and she also calls me on my bullshit. She is my biggest cheerleader and the best caregiver. She is the best listener, and I truly cherish my one-on-one time with her, no matter what we do. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend.

4. My mother is the perfect complement to her sometimes loud, opinionated and occasionally overbearing husband. Her words take on more power when they are shared, and she is able to reach out to my dad when he gets highly emotional in a way that I, often also highly emotional, cannot. She is sensitive, kind and knows just what will calm my father, or in turn force him to consider reason. They are more in love after more than 40 years of marriage—holding hands, sharing kisses, calling each other like lovesick teenagers when they are forced to be apart—that I can’t wait to find a partner to whom I can be a great complement as well.

5. This petite woman once affectionately called a “china doll” raised two rambunctious boys and a stubborn, wanna-be tomboy largely on her own for several years. All three went off to one of the best universities in the country and are (arguably) respectable adults. For much of this woman’s adult life she was the primary breadwinner of the household, and we will hold the biggest celebration ever on the day she can retire! I cannot wait to see what she chooses to do with her life from that beautiful day forward.


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