Ode on a Post It Love Letter

Last morning, you left me with your warm words unbidden.

Usually I stumble across your old love letters,

Left on Post It notes, in the oddest of places in my home,

I seem to have forgotten to throw them away

Perhaps a part of me doesn’t want to let them go.

Wanting to remember that once I was loved

The way I always dreamed I could be.

Cherished like a precious jewel, beloved like a princess,

Admired as a smart, strong and talented woman,

Appreciated for all the little things I did


Now someone else gets to be wooed by you

Awakes to emails of songs that sing your stories

Awakes to sweet texts and voice mails just because

I hope she realizes truly what a gift she has in you

She has in your children,

She has in your relationship

I hope she fully Appreciates

ALL the cards you bring to the table.

Even if, sometimes, you drive her a little lovingly crazy.


3 thoughts on “Ode on a Post It Love Letter

  1. That’s really beautiful. Trust me, I can identify. Though I have nothing lying around, it’s all imprinted in my brain. That kind of love? I can only hope and believe it’ll find me again someday. Makes me think of that song by Adele, ” Someone Like You.” I’m sure everyone has a someone that relates to that song.

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