Be Still My Heart: Is Ashton Kutcher Looking For Love Online?

Is that really Ashton looking for love online?

The next time your friends rag on you for using the web to find a potential mate, you can tell them that even the rich and famous are throwing their hats in the online dating ring. The newest sizzling single in the online dating market? None other than Two and Half Men star Ashton Kutcher.

The latest celebrity gossip columnists have been hinting that Ashton has been heating things up with Mila Kunis, his former costar on The 70s Show, but The Hollywood hottie may in fact be looking for a girl-next-door this time on Not too surprising coming from the funny man who has embraced sharing ALL aspects of his life online. brings potential suitors to life through video, rather than relying simply on words and a few of your best (or not) snapshots. Think you’ve seen all there is to see of Ashton Kutcher? He shares surprising sides of his personality you’ve never seen before in this hilarious video sequence:

• The Bollywood producer Raj, channeling The Love Guru.

• The “Enlightened” Hippie Nigel

• The flamboyant fashion designer Darl, with his beloved Chihuaha

• And the bearded biker Swordfish (no really, that’s his name)

A man who can make me laugh is halfway to winning my heart. But if Ashton’s boyish charms and antics aren’t your style, check out for more!

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