Meeting The Family For The First Time

“Meeting With Girlfriend’s Family!” by Tiago Hoisel

When’s the right time to meet the family of someone you’ve begun dating? The Warrior Poet and I had been dating just shy of three months when he invited me to the birthday party of his grandmother, meaning I would meet almost off the family on his mother’s side. After meeting his “chosen family” of friends, and getting their seal of approval, and personally feeling comfortable being around them, I felt like maybe this big birthday was a good excuse to meet some The Warrior Poet’s favorite family members.

Whenever you decide it’s the right time, it can’t be forced. It must come as naturally as can be in these circumstances. Both parties should feel comfortable and at ease letting the other into that intimate part of their lives, introducing them to people who have literally known you all of your life. Lastly, you need to have a sense of humor about such things. Rarely do things go quite as perfectly as in romance how-to’s.

Read a little bit about my past experiences meeting the family and how I came to decide I was truly ready to meet The Warrior Poet’s on The Single’s Warehouse:


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