Top Tips for Traveling With Your Sweetie

Let’s say you have been dating someone with whom you have begun to feel comfortable spending extended periods of time. Perhaps you spend whole weekends together and developed your own rhythm and routine that feels easy and sweet to you both. So when you get a wedding invitation out of state or friends invite you both to come on a week’s vacation, you’re quick to take on this exciting and new step in your relationship.

You could just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or you can go in a little prepared with some tips I’ve culled from years of experiences, both phenomenal and veering dangerously close to nightmarish.

Check them out at Singles Warehouse:

2 thoughts on “Top Tips for Traveling With Your Sweetie

  1. the space thing is CRITICAL. You need to have some time alone or you would go bananas and kill each other. don’t believe the Lifetime Television for women hype, ladies. You neeeeeeeeeeeeed your “me” time when on that romantic trip!

    • Space is so important in relationships in general. Everyone definitely needs their “me” time to nurture their individual interests and personal relationships with others. So many of the men I’ve dated love my independence and personal interests…more to talk about when we reunite. 🙂

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