Can Two People Love Each Other Equally In a Relationship?

heart-shadowGrowing up, some of my favorite books told the tragic stories of unrequited love, even if the individuals miraculously would up together in the end. It’s not surprising, really, as my adolescent life was littered with unrequited crushes—my falling head over heels with guys who liked me a lot but never wanted to take things to the next level and boys who were infatuated with me in whom I had no romantic interest.

Thankfully that has changed dramatically in my adulthood, but I have noticed an interesting trend in adult romantic relationships as well. In any relationship, it’s inevitably that there will be ebbs and flows of imbalance at different times. Overall though, I have noticed in almost all of my relationships and that of my friends that there is usually one partner who is at least slightly happier about the state of the relationship than the other and who seems to care more and hold the other in higher esteem.

So can two people ever really love each other equally in relationships?

Find out what I have to say on the topic at Singles Warehouse:


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