Need Last-Minute Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Love? Make it Mosaic!

Capture Loving Memories with Mosaic Photo Album for Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasMaybe you’ve waited until the last minute to get your sweetheart something for Valentine’s Day because the “perfect gift” hasn’t magically revealed itself to you yet. Maybe you’re all spent, emotionally and financially, after the holidays—and in my boyfriend and my situation, after two birthdays as well. Maybe you’re all done with this commercially overblown holiday when, really, you are someone who shows your love every day of the year. Perhaps a thoughtful gift that captures fun memories might be just what you’re seeking. Here’s why I decided to go with Mosaic Photo Books.

Using Mosaic Photo Album for Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasMosaic is a really cool app, available for iPhone and Android, which allows you to create a physical photo book of 20 of your favorite photos for $20. You simply download the app for free and upload 20 pics to their platform. From there, you can shuffle the photos to your liking to create a personalized cover that features glimpses of your favorite memories with your number one man or woman. Fill in your billing and shipping info, click ‘order,’ and you’re done in less than 10 minutes.

Within four days—or so they promise—you’ll have a hard copy photo album in your hands! But Valentine’s Day is on Friday—can I really be sure it will get here in time? Perfect for procrastinators, Mosaic promises that you will get your custom photo album by Valentine’s Day if your order by the end of Monday, Feb. 10.

Mosaic Photo Album for Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift IdeasI’m still waiting for my album to arrive, but I love the super-easy, user-friendly interface that is also visually appealing. You can see quite clearly which photos will or won’t work, and the ability to switch up your cover, which is a mosaic of the photos you’ve chosen, gives you even more opportunity to personalize the album and put your own creative stamp on your unique and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift.

To start creating your photo album on your iPhone or iPad, visit the App Store. Android users can visit the Google Store.


This is a sponsored post for Mosaic.


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