Guest Post: Another Single In His 30s Seeking Lasting Love

Today I have a special treat for readers with a guest post by a Single in His 30s. Enjoy!

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read the guest post by me. Who am I? Well that’s officially top secret. I like top secret things. You should see the hash tags I use all the time on Twitter. Maybe this is why I am single? Needless to say I’m a guy, 31 years of age and single. So for me this blog really is the place to be.

It’s funny really because I actually work in the dating and relationship field. In my job, I help singles meet their potential mates. I’m clearly not very good at it—at least in my life.

So what is it about being 30 and single that bothers me? For ladies, I know they think there is this master plan. I must have a child by the time I am 30, for example. Is it the same for guys? Does it really bother me being single?

Actually yeah, it really does. I know that for myself I am better when in a relationship. Yet I’ve learned there is no point being in a relationship that does not work.

So is it harder to find someone when you are 30 plus? I don’t think so. I just think the rules change a little bit. You are not interested in screwing around as much. Actually I guess that depends on when you last ‘screwed’ around, but you do have a clearer idea of what you are looking for.


You seem to dart around like a heat seeking missile trying to find the elusive ‘one’. I don’t think it changes if you are 30, 40 or 50…you just become more aware of it. Naturally you would when you keep getting invited to weddings from friends, you know, the ones who are still 29!

Regardless of how long it takes in your quest for lasting love, it’s important to keep one key thing in mind: Always keep your eyes out for and heart open to  finding the right one for YOU.